Fudgy Truffles

Made with a base of chocolate and confectioners’ sugar, these truffles had a thick, rich texture similar to that of fudge. Delicious with or without additional flavoring, these truffles make a decadent treat to any palate.

Traditional Truffles

The smooth ganache of the traditional truffle makes this classic stand out among others. With a base of cream and chocolate this truffle is divine with or without added flavorings.

Cake Bomb

Smaller than cake pops, the little treats take fresh baked cake, mixes it with homemade frosting and dips it in delicious chocolate.

Cheesecake Bombs

A mix of cheesecake and chocolate dipped in more chocolate! For any cheesecake lover, this is the ultimate blend of the best of both worlds.

Cookie Bombs

Chocolate chip cookies, Snickerdoodles, chocolate cookies, peanut butter cookies. Pick a cookie! The Truffle Affair mixes fresh baked cookies with a bit of homemade vanilla frosting and dips it in chocolate.

Brownie Bombs

Fresh baked brownies mixed with rich chocolate frosting dipped in more chocolate. A delicious twist on a favorite dessert.


The Truffle Affair makes three base caramels. Traditional vanilla caramel, rich chocolate caramel, and decadent coffee caramel. All caramels can have additions added to them. Nuts and pretzels are very popular. If you are looking for something a little outlandish you have to try my Bacon Coffee Caramel. Nothing beats a fresh made caramel dipped in chocolate.


Soft and fluffy, these delicious marshmallows are rough cut and dipped in chocolate. Additions like nuts and different flavorings can be added to make a unique marshmallow experience.

Marshmallow Crème

This delicious crème is piped into chocolate shells. Made plain or with additional flavorings this crème gives a light, fluffy filled chocolate that looks beautiful on presentation.


Made from scratch, this fondant filling is piped into chocolate molds. Truly delicious with flavors such as peppermint, orange, or raspberry, this crème is thick and rich for a delightful finish.


The Truffle Affair takes its traditional Crème filling and mixes it with butter, making an even richer experience. This filling is amazing on its own with the traditional vanilla flavoring, but is truly outstanding when mixed with flavors like Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish Cream, or Maple.


The Truffle Affair makes two kinds of nougats, chocolate and vanilla. Nougat can have many additions added to them, including nuts, pretzels, dried fruits, and other additives. Nougat can also be layered with other fillings, such as ganache, caramel, and most cake or cookie bombs.

Nut Butter Bombs

This little treat needs no further introduction. A mix of nut butter and confectioners’ sugar, these little guys are dipped in rich chocolate. Almond, Peanut, Cashew, Hazelnut, and many other nut butters can be used to make this sweet treat.

Coming Soon

The Truffle Affair is always trying to expand. We are currently working on making new jelly fillings as well as perfecting our Dolce de Leche filling. As new products become available they will be listed!