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The concept for The Truffle Affair started in July 2010, as a new addition to the gift baskets my immediate family makes every year for our extended family during Christmas. I wanted to make something unique and delicious that would give our gifts that little extra WOW factor.

After a lengthy search, I found a simple recipe for truffles and decided to test them out. Months were spent tweaking the recipe and perfecting my technique. After sampling a batch that I was proud of, I took the finished truffles with me to work as samples. My coworkers liked them so much that I received my first order. A business was born. By August I had officially opened The Truffle Affair!


We offer party platters, wedding favors, party & event favors, multiple boxes and more. Every order us custom made which makes any gift or favor unique! Due to the nature of our medium, we are unable to processes small orders. Orders must be larger than 1 lb. (roughly 36 pieces). Please call us to discuss your custom order!

Special Orders

Since The Truffle Affair is not bound by brick and mortar we have the ability to make special, unique orders. We are able to mimic most flavors and try very hard to make the most perfect chocolates available. We also are open to unique combinations of flavors. Be bold if that is your wish!

Julie Roth


I am a self-taught chocolatier. Through a lot of trial and error I make my own truffles, caramels, nougat, marshmallow, crème and buttercream fillings, as well as many other concoctions. I make everything from scratch and, as of right now, I dip everything by hand.

It is an intense labor of love for me and I am always testing new flavors, textures, and techniques as I grow my ever expanding recipe book. As I continue to grow I plan on earning my official chocolatier certification and my dream is to study abroad with several master chocolatiers, refining and perfecting my technique as I continue to expand my selection.

"I've got a really sweet tooth and sometimes I just have to have some chocolate."